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All of the buildings that host New Year’s Fest entertainers are located surrounding Bronson Park. In fact, the entire event is walkable with the farthest locations being about 2 blocks away. The numbers on the map correspond to the grid found on the Official Brochure. The numbers are the locations of the buildings that host performances (see listing below). This map is designed to help you find your way to the performance locations for New Year's Fest. For a map to Downtown Kalamazoo, please go to  Remember, all the performance venues are indoors. 








Locations and Numbers:

1 & 2:   First United Methodist Church and Social Hall
3 & 4:   First Congregational Church - Please note that the number 4 social hall area enters in the Michigan             Street entrance and the number 3 Sanctuary performance location enters through Academy Street             entrance. 
5 & 6:   First Baptist Church
7:         Radisson - the Kalamazoo Room is in the lower level and the entrance is to the right of the                        
8 & 9:   First Presbyerian Church
10:       Kalamazoo Public Library
11:       St. Luke's Church
12:       Epic Center - the theatre is on the second floor
13:       Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Food Menus:  Menu prices are available at the locations.

Bronson Park

  •  Ibison Concessions- pizza, sloppy joes, fries, elephant ears, hot cocoa, cider, coffee.

  •  Big Moe's BBQ- bbq and sides

  • Gorilla Gourmet - Food Truck

# 6  First Baptist Church

  • Food and refreshments

# 8 & 9 First Presbyterian Church - Social Hall (321 W. South Street)

  • Youth Group | Brats, hot dogs, side salad, chips, dessert, and beverages

# 1 & 2 First United Methodist - Social Hall (212 S. Park Street)

  • Sloppy Joes, Chips, Drinks,  and dessert

Restrooms: Each location has restrooms.  New Year’s attendees are asked to be respectful of the locations and the fact that they are donating the use of their space for this community event.  Portajons are also located on Academy Street. 

Parking: Parking on the street is free after 5 p.m.  Parking in the various parking structures require a nominal fee, and after 5 p.m. most locations are only $3 to park.  There are 4 parking structures downtown that are within 2 blocks of Bronson Park.  For a map and complete listing, please go to   Please watch for towaway zones, if it is posted that the location is subject to towing, your car will be towed.  The metered spots around Bronson Park are reserved for the volunteers and artists.  Please respect these locations and their volunteers.

Handicap Access for Attendees to New Years Fest

There is a ramp at the Park St entrance to the side of the sanctuary.  Will need to exit same way and not out the sanctuary rear doors.

Will need to enter and exit through entrance 5, on the opposite side of the building, since there are 4 steps leading up to entrance 3.

Will need to enter and exit through entrance 5, on the parking lot side, since there are 2 steps leading up to entrance .

Entrance is accessible but use elevator to get to lower level.

Enter into the 1st Baptist Social Hall and elevator to get up stairs is to the left.

Is right at entrance level.

Once you enter proceed to the right to get to the elevator. 
Go down one level to get to the social hall. Go up a level to get to the church

Auditorium is on the 3rd level of the building. Stairs are just to the right of the entrance. Elevators are in hallway just past the stairs.

There is a ramp to get to the main doors from the covered drive-thru on the west side of the church. If ramp is too narrow to fit your chair then advise volunteer staff at entrance and they will assist.

All events on are second floor and accessed by elevators found inside the hallway opening, to the right, when you enter.

Download PDF of Handicap Access information



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