Performances without a show time
and midnight entertainment


NYE Ball Drop

Location: Bronson Park



Thanks to and the team at Mavcon, nearly 20 years ago, they made a commitment to host the NYE Ball Drop. The crystal ball is made out of energy efficient lights and they sparkle reminding all of us that community is created through a circle of commitment.

The hoist that holds that ball is donated by MacAllister Rentals in Galesburg. 

Lego City

Location: KNAC - Social Hall

Time: 6:15pm-9:45pm 

A massive display of everyone's favorite childhood toy: Legos! This amazing display is equally intricate and complex. A holiday classic and must see site at our NYF venues!

Farewell Fireworks



Leading up to the start of the New Year, the sky above will come alive with celebration exactly at midnight with a fireworks show.

 The fireworks will be visible all through-out Downtown Kalamazoo!

Open Mic for Teen

Location: Church Street Tent

Time: 8pm, 10:30pm


A new event coming to New Years Fest this year. This will be an amazing opportunity for the teens of the Kalamazoo area to get up and sing their hearts out.